Torben has 35 years of experience in education and training. For 8 years at Grundfos he was responsible for worldwide education and training. 25 years ago he founded Kirco Training Agency, consultancy assisting companies to develop their human resources in an effective way.

He has been owner and editor of the leading Danish Magazine on Learning and Development 1989 to 2013, “Human Resources”, where it was sold to the Danish Association of Human Resource Managers.


    Svend W. Eenevoldsen

    With more than 30 years as an executive in the Danish wind industry, and lecturer for more than 1800 engineers in the wind industry, Svend is an experienced consultant, who since 1995 has been working world wide for Banks, OEM’s, Insurance Companies, UN, Governments, Universities and others in his company Ecology Management.


    Egon V. Poulsen

    Egon is a full time working partner in Alpha Wind Energy ApS. He started his career in the wind industry as Chief Supervisor for Vestas in California in 1983 and has since then obtained world wide experience with wind power projects all over the world. From 1995 through 2005 he was active in Offshore Wind Projects.


    Kaj Lindvig

    Kaj Lindvig has a wide experience from 15 years as top manager and board member within the Wind Power Business, but he has also worked for the Oil & Gas sector, Maritime companies and project executing companies providing him with a very broad knowledge.


    Torben Juul Larsen

    Working as a senior scientist at DTU-Wind Torben co-authored his first scientific paper in 2003 about Status of Aero elasticity of Wind Turbines. Torben is in the forefront on theory and practice when it comes to loads and dynamics on wind turbines.


    Wiebke Langreider

    Wiebke has 20 years’ experience in wind resource and risk assessment working for several international manufacturers. Her specialties are extreme winds and long-term corrections. Wiebke has been continuously involved in training activities world-wide. Today she is COO of the independent consultancy Wind Solutions.


    Søren “Safety” Pedersen

    Worked 6 years in DONG Energy Wind Power. Started on the Horns Riff 2 construction – warranty O&M period with the turbine supplier.

    Design Specialist on O&M facilities and strategies in Denmark, Germany and France.


    Lars Høst Johansen

    Close to a decade Lars worked as product engineer at Vestas before he joined Dong Energy Wind department, where he serves as TD Roadmap Engineer.


    Mads Bay Rasmussen

    Vice President, Head of Legal (General Counsel) at MHI Vestas Offshore Wind. Mads is an international attorney with management experience and commercial mindset. Extensive expertise within international onshore and offshore wind energy projects and transactions.

    Mads has negotiated and processed transactions in Europe, The Middle East, Asia, South and Central America.

  • Julia Fernandez Chozas photo
    Julia Fernandez Chozas photo

    Julia Fernandez Chozas photo

    Ph.D. in Wave Energy, M.Sc. Power Systems Engineer, Chief Lecturer and course leader

    Julia has co-authored several leading projects on wave economics, benchmark analyses and combined wind and wave power, while being part of a continuous training to universities and the industry on marine energies. Since 2013 she works as a Lead Engineer and Consultant for the wave and offshore wind industries in her company with world wide clients.

  • Kim Nielsen
    Kim Nielsen

    Kim Nielsen

    Civil Engineer, Ph.D. in Wave Energy 1983 from DTU

    Kim Nielsen has through active involvement, for more than 35 years gained comprehensive experience in re-search and development of wave energy systems, numerical models and model experiments on wave power conversion in laboratories as well as in open sea. Through these and other projects, Kim has gained both technical and financial insight in the feasibility of wave energy plants.

  • Marco Alves
    Marco Alves

    Marco Alves

    PhD in Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Management and Strategy

    Marco is currently the head of numerical modelling at WavEC and former visiting researcher at the Imperial College, London. His track record has been focused on the development and application of numerical tools to analyze the interaction between ocean waves and floating structures (floating breakwaters, wave energy converters, bottom fixed and floating wind turbines) or costal structures. He holds key expertise on several scientific fields including engineering control systems, linear and nonlinear numerical simulations, fluid dynamics, costal engineering and dynamics of floating bodies. Marco has extensive experience in supporting developers of marine renewable technologies.

  • Jens Peter-Kofoed
    Jens Peter-Kofoed

    Jens Peter-Kofoed

    Head of Division, Associate Professor, M.Sc., Ph.D.

    Jens Peter is associate professor at Aalborg University, Department of Civil Engineering. He graduated from Aalborg University in 1997 with a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, on “Hydraulic evaluation of the wave energy converter Wave Dragon”. In 2003 he defended his Ph.D. thesis “Wave Overtopping of Marine Structures – Utilization of Wave Energy” at Aalborg University. Since 1997 to present he has been working at Aalborg University, Department of Civil Engineering, primarily working in the field of wave energy utilization but has also been involve in coastal engineering projects.

    He is currently heading the Division of Reliability, Dynamics and Marine Engineering and the Wave Energy Research Group at the Department of Civil Engineering, and has over the past decade has been involved in testing and evaluating more than 25 wave energy concepts in wave tanks and real sea, as well as participating in national and international research programs, standardization efforts and teaching within the field of wave energy.

  • Peter Scheijgrond
    Peter Scheijgrond

    Peter Scheijgrond

    Ocean Energy expert

    My interest in marine renewables started during my engineering studies in Scotland in the nineties, where I was inspired by some of the leading marine energy pioneers. Later at Ecofys, over a period of 10 years, I developed the Wave Rotor technology. I started my own company dedicated to supporting the marine energy sector.

    Since 2012 I have helped DMEC to develop their test sites, run the EU MaRINET programme, and recently the MET-CERTIFIED project. I am a founding board member of the Dutch Energy from Water Association, EWA, and an active contributor to the IEC committees developing standards and certification schemes for marine energy convertors.

  • Erik Friis-Madsen
    Erik Friis-Madsen

    Erik Friis-Madsen

    CEO, Wave Dragon

    MSc. Erik Friis-Madsen is the inventor of the Wave Dragon and have worked with many aspects of wave energy development for more than 30 years.

    Erik has extensive hands-on experience from the construction of and 20.000 test hours with the grid connected floating Wave Dragon protype. He has monitored the development of most types of wave energy devices through many years – here is a somewhat controversial article of his: “Small is beautiful” – but will small WECs ever become commercial?”,

  • Anders Køhler
    Anders Køhler

    Anders Køhler

    CEO, Floating Power Plant

    CEO of Danish Floating Power Plant and has been so for the last 4 years. Other positions are board member of UK subsidiary, board member of 3 commercial project companies with Irirsh project developer DP Energy and advisory to Bystrup.

    He has a Master in engineering (within Energy production), is PMI certified and holds 2 business degrees (bachelor lever) from Copenhagen business School. Anders has over 16 years of experience in project development, business development, engineering and project management and has the privilege of heading the commercialization of the FPP technology, together with its many partners.

  • Hans Christian Sørensen
    Hans Christian Sørensen

    Hans Christian Sørensen

    PhD and BSc (Director of Spok ApS)

    Hans Chr. Soerensen has the last 35 years worked in industries and institutes bringing research to business.

    He is graduated as Ph.D., M. Sc. Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and has further a degree from Copenhagen Business School. In the last 24 years as CEO of his own consultant company SPOK ApS. He is chairman of the board of Wave Dragon companies. He has been involved in several offshore wind farms in Denmark, UK and other countries, among others as coordinator of the 40 MW Middelgrunden Wind Farm outside Copenhagen.

    He is founder and vice president European Ocean Energy Association to 2010  and member of the Board, Danish Wind Turbine Owners Association.

    Key publications: IPCC Position paper on Ocean Energy and several papers on offshore wind and wave energy.

  • Flemming Nissen
    Flemming Nissen

    Flemming Nissen

    Course leader. Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, where he lecture at the
    Energy Line and consultant at Strategirummet. Past director at Elsam, Dong Energy Generation og
    development director at Insero Science Academy.

  • Jørgen Krarup
    Jørgen Krarup

    Jørgen Krarup

    Energy planner at Energinet.dk’s research- and development department. Works with energy analyzes
    and scenarie development for the long term development of the Danish Energy system. Cooperates
    with danish municipalities about their strategic energy planning.

  • Kaj Stærkind
    Kaj Stærkind

    Kaj Stærkind

    M.Sc. Eng. Energy Supply. Works at the Energy-data-group in Center for System Analyzes, Energy
    efficiency and global consulting at the the Danish Energy Agency. Have been working with energy
    counseling and analyzes at Elkraft.

  • Julie Frost Szpilman
    Julie Frost Szpilman

    Julie Frost Szpilman

    Cand. Polit. Senior Markeds Analyst at Energinet.dk. Involved in development of the Danish and
    European Gas system with focus at markeds and integration, balance and new pipelines internationally.
    Was earlier employed at DONG Energy as Senior Commodity Analyst.

  • Poul Johannes Jacobsen
    Poul Johannes Jacobsen

    Poul Johannes Jacobsen

    Chief Economist and business developer at Energinet.dk. Participates in the development of the Danish
    and European Gas Marked. Focus a joint European solutions for sales of capacity (PRISMA), marked
    development and cooperation with the TSOs in Germany.

  • Nanna Foller Larsen
    Nanna Foller Larsen

    Nanna Foller Larsen

    Economist. Has worked at Energynet.dk the last three years with marked development and international
    cooperation redarding the wholesale marked for electricity. Is responsible for ensuring the
    implementation of the initiatives from Marked Model 2.0.

  • Kenneth Hansen
    Kenneth Hansen

    Kenneth Hansen

    Assistant Professor, PhD

    Kenneth has participated in numerous research projects about the development of future high-renewable energy systems in both Denmark and Europe. Particular focus has e.g. been on the potentials for district heating and integration of renewable energy in the heating sector.

  • Jan Eric Thorsen
    Jan Eric Thorsen

    Jan Eric Thorsen

    My main focus is on positioning the District heating Technology in the future energy system, including conceptual development of the District Heating concept. I have performed consultant work, e.g. feasibility studies, in regard to District Heating and District Cooling systems. A number of governmentally funded projects have been participated regarding Low Temperature District Heating, smart energy systems and 4th generation District Heating. A range of papers have been published in this regard. My background is MSc. in mechanical and energy related engineering

  • Bjarne K Jepsen
    Bjarne K Jepsen

    Bjarne K. Jepsen

    BSc Eng, Technical Manager, System Design Bjarne has more than 25 years of experience in system design of soil laid factory made pipe systems. He is member of the European working group for standardization “Design and installation”. Bjarne is involved in developing tools for optimizing systems for lowest service life cost.

  • Anders Fiilsøe Falkeborg
    Anders Fiilsøe Falkeborg

    Anders Fiilsøe Falkeborg

    Anders has been working as a product manager for heat and cooling meters at the Danish company Kamstrup A/S since 2015. Prior to joining Kamstrup A/S Anders worked as a service technician and has a background as both electrician and electronics engin

  • Søren Lang
    Søren Lang

    Søren Lang

    Søren has for more than 25 years been working as product manager for heat meters at the Danish company Kamstrup A/S, making specifications, documentation, metrological approvals, education and European standardisation. Kamstrups heat meters are today Internationally recognized.

  • Morten Duedahl
    Morten Duedahl

    Morten Duedal

    Morten is the Business Development Manager at DBDH (Danish Board of District Heating) in charge of all activities in Western Europe – with a special focus on Germany. DBDH is a Danish member organization with members from the entire Danish district heating sector.

    Morten was Head of Secretariat at District Energy Partnership (DEP) a Danish district energy lobby organization. DEP worked to improve framework conditions for district heating and thereby enhance the roll out in Europe. At DEP, his focus was on both Scotland and England and he therefore understands the district heating developments in both countries in details.

    His career began in the district heating industry in Eastern Europe and Russia more than 20 years ago with knowledge building and knowledge transfer. This was followed by 13 years as succesfull business development director in a large inward investment organization.

  • Frands Kjær Jepsen
    Frands Kjær Jepsen

    Frands Kjær Jepsen

    Chief Project and Market Manager, District Heating Department in COWI. 25 year experience with Energy Planning in Denmark and abroad. Energy and economic analysis within district heating, biomass, heat pumps, solar energy and CHP.