Wind resource assessment using the WAsP software by DTU

Program purpose

The fundamentals of wind resource and energy yield assessments, employing the WAsP software. The course provides a systematic and complete introduction to the WAsP software and the wind atlas methodology. At the end of the course, the student will know how to avoid the most common pitfalls in wind resource and energy yield assessments, and will have a basic understanding of the biases and uncertainties of the wind atlas methodology

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Program objectives

The course focuses on wind resource and energy yield assessments using the WAsP software, i.e.:
 wind farm production
 wind farm efficiency
 micro-siting of wind turbines
 power production of wind turbines
 wind resource mapping
 wind atlas generation
 wind climate estimation
 best practice and uncertainty In addition, WAsP tools for wind data analysis, map digitisation and editing, and power and thrust curve editing are introduced.

Who should attend
  • The 3-day WAsP course is intended for engineers, scientists and others, primarily working within the field of wind energy, who require a working knowledge of the WAsP software.

Description of working sessions

Aspects of the theories underlying the programs will be presented, but the course will stress practical experience, best practice and examples on the use of WAsP.

The Lecturers

The course will be presented by experienced members of DTU Wind Energy faculty.

Prices and information

€2400  per participant excl. VAT. This includes tuition, course materials, certificate of participation, lunch and light refreshments during the day.

Date: 16-18 May 2017

Location: Denmark

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